Sampar Addict


Sampar Addict allows Sampar clients who have purchased 250€ or more in products, after deducting all discounts, to receive a free product of their choice. clients who reach 250€ in purchases after one or multiple orders will be given the opportunity to redeem a Sampar product of their choice from a drop-down list during the purchase process. 
Pharmacie / Parapharmacie Clients who reach 250€ in purchases, after one or multiple orders, must download the Sampar Addict card here, fill it out and send it, along with all necessary receipts (Pharmacie & Parapharmacie receipts only), to the following address: Parlabo/Sampar 20 avenue du Maine 75015 PARIS.
We do not accept receipts for purchases made on the Sampar website. Moreover, we do not accept receipts mixed with Sephora receipts. 

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